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FUTURELIGHT DMH-380 Hybrid CMY Moving-Head Spot/Beam (Price on Demand)

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Bright, powerful and versatile:


With the DMH-380, Futurelight offers a powerful LED moving spotlight that impresses in terms of performance and features. The DMH-380 is a further development of the popular DMH-300, but offers significantly more brightness thanks to its 380-watt LED.
FUTURELIGHT DMH-380 front view
The DMH-380 has CMY color mixing, a frost filter and two gobo wheels. An animation wheel and a second prism are also integrated. The zoom range of 1° to 50° enables flexible use both as a beam light and as a spotlight.
FUTURELIGHT DMH-380 connections
This spotlight is suitable for use in fog as well as for projections. The gobos have been selected in such a way that impressive projections and clear structures in the fog are possible. The DMH-380 works extremely quietly and is equipped with a CRI filter, which also makes it interesting for theater and other scenic presentations. It has 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections as well as a T-Con power connection. The DMH-380 can also loop the power through to other devices.

PRO spot/beam/wash moving-head with 380 W COB LED, large zoom, frost, CMY color mixing and animation wheel

  • 1 powerful LED 380 W COB (chip-on-board) cold white (CW)
  • Bidirectional rotating 6-fold linear prism and 8-facet prism with variable speed, combinable for multi-facet effects
  • Positioning within 540° PAN, 260° TILT
  • Auto position correction (feedback)
  • Exact positioning (16 bit resolution)
  • Exact 16 bit resolution at Dimmer, zoom, focus, gobo rotation
  • Prism 8-fold rotating; Prism 6-fold Linear rotating; gobo wheel with rotating gobos; gobo wheel with static gobos; Focus motor-driven; frost filter Linear; animation wheel rotating
  • Gobo wheel with rotating gobos, 8 gobos and open
    shake effect
  • Gobo indexable
  • Slot-in gobo system for easy gobo replacement
  • Gobo wheel with static gobos, 11 gobos and open
    shake effect
  • CMY color mixing for indefinite color variations
  • Color wheel with 6 dichroic filters plus open and CTO correction filter
  • The device is cooled by temperature-controlled fan at the Head; temperature-controlled fan at the Base
  • Flicker-free
  • With a beam angle of 1° – 50°
  • Multicolor LCD display,
    with battery buffering for easy controlling upgradeable
  • Control via stand-alone; Master/slave function; DMX; RDM; Sound to light via Microphone; CRMX by LumenRadio upgradeable; QuickDMX via USB (optional); CRMX by LumenRadio via USB (optional); W-DMX by wireless solution via USB (optional)
  • Pulse-width modulation variable
  • With Omega bracket
  • For application areas such as: Wedding/gala/events; Stage; theater; Rental
  • Preprogrammed in Light Captain
  • Good color rendering index (CRI)
  • Mains input and output for power linking up to 4 units
  • Very quiet working noise
  • Application possibility: Standing; suspended

Package contents

  • 1 x moving light, 1 x user manual, 1 x power cord, 2 x omega bracket, 1 x xLR cable


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