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The Company agrees to grant a warranty period within the European Union (EU). For used products, the warranty period is limited to one year. When the customer demands the return of a new product, he is obliged to grant a deduction for the usage of the product. If the customer will not prove a lower usage and if the Company will not prove a higher usage, both parties agree on the following deduction for the usage:

  • more than 1-3 months 10 % of the original sales price
  • more than 3-6 months 20 % of the original sales price
  • more than 6-12 months 30 % of the original sales price
  • more than 12-24 months 50 % of the original sales price

Complaints due to obvious deficiencies have to be lodged immediately after delivery. Hidden deficiencies must be notified in written form immediately after having detected them. The warranty is not granted for transport damages as these usually fall under the carrier’s liability.

Further claims, especially replacing consecutive deficiencies, are excluded. This exclusion will not apply for deliberate or grossly negligent breaches of duty by the Company, its representatives or agents as well as if the deficiency results from a circumstance for which the Company has granted a warranty for the characteristics or fabrication of a product.

If goods are returned without any deficiency, the occurred expenses will be charged.

If goods are returned in order to be repaired and the goods do not fall under the warranty period, the repairs will be executed and charged. Providing a cost estimate will be charged – even if the repair will not be executed due to the customer’s denial.

The Company would expressly like to call attention to the safety guidelines and safety regulations for mounting and installation, especially when conducted in public buildings, stages, etc., in order to be approved by a qualified expert. These must be adhered to by the buyer. The buyer agrees to become familiar with these safety guidelines and regulations, as well as approval procedures and the carrying out of same by a qualified expert. The buyer agrees to inform his/her customers of these safety guidelines and regulations, as well as of the approval procedures and the carrying out of same by a qualified expert. Decoration objects like e.g. artificial plants are not flame-resistant. The customer and the installer must clarify if fire protection is required for the place of installation. In this case, the products have to be treated with fire protection material. The customer has the duty to pass this information on to the installer. The place for warranty claims is the Companies adress: Nederstraat 52, 3730 Hoeselt, Belgium.

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