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FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 title image


DMH 160 MK2

A proven concept, even better now
As the successor of the proven moving head DMH-160, Futurelight now offers the DMH-160 MK2 with an even brighter 200 watt LED.
The proven high-quality construction and the popular equipment have remained the same: Two gobo wheels, one of them with rotating gobos, a color wheel, two rotating prisms, a continuously adjustable iris and a motorized focus are used. The rotating gobos can be indicated so that logos or lettering are always in the right position. And the gobos can also be replaced without any problems: via a slot-in system, the entire gobo holder can simply be pulled out with a firm grip, the gobo can be conveniently replaced on a table and easily plugged back into the spotlight.
FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 gobo wheel 1
FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 gobo wheel 2
FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 gobo wheel 3
FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 close-up
These features and its high light output make it a popular spotlight for shows and concerts. But it is also very precise, the pulse width modulation can be adjusted variably and it is also very quiet. Therefore, it is also used frequently in TV studios and theaters.
FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 connections
Compared to the previous version, the DMX modes have been extended. The newly added Extented mode now also offers high-resolution 16-bit control for very smooth dimmer runs. The fixture is already prepared for wireless DMX operation, the installation of a corresponding optional receiver, based on Wireless Solution from Sweden, can quickly be done.
FUTURELIGHT DMH-160 MK2 effect images

PRO moving-head with 200 W COB LED and extensive features

  • Effect wheel with rotating 3-facet prism and 8-facet prism and frost filter
  • The scenes can be modified via the Control Board or via an external controller and loaded into the memory
  • Number of scenes can be changed individually
  • 1 powerful LED 200 W COB (chip-on-board) cold white (CW)
  • Positioning within 630° PAN and 270° TILT
  • Iris stepless; gobo wheel with rotating gobos; gobo wheel with static gobos; Prism 3-fold; Prism 8-fold; Focus motor-driven; frost filter; color wheel
  • Gobo effect; beam effect; Strobe effect
  • Color wheel with 8 dichroic filters plus open
    half colors selectable, Rainbow effect with adjustable speed in both directions
  • Gobo wheel with static gobos, 7 gobos and open
  • Shake effect
  • Gobo wheel with rotating gobos, 7 gobos and open
    gobos changeable
  • Shake effect
  • Gobos changeable
  • Slot-in gobo system for easy gobo replacement
  • The device is cooled by temperature-controlled fan
  • Control via stand-alone; RDM; DMX; Sound to light via Microphone; W-DMX by wireless solution upgradeable
  • Flicker-free
  • With a beam angle of 11°
  • LCD display,
    with battery buffering for easy controlling upgradeable
  • Built with NEUTRIK connector
  • Exact 16 bit resolution at Dimmer
  • Pulse-width modulation variable
  • Preprogrammed in LED PC-Control 512; Light Captain
  • With Omega bracket
  • Mains input and output for power linking up to 8 units

Package contents

  • 1 x moving light, 1 x user manual, 1 x power cord, 2 x omega bracket, 1 x xLR cable, 1 x declaration of conformity
Weight 17,9 kg


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