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EUROLITE TMH BSW-380 Moving-Head Beam/Spot/Wash

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Moving Head Beam/Spot/Wash
The BSW in the name stands for Beam, Spot and Washlight, a true all-rounder. The -380 indicates the power class; an extremely bright Osram Sirius 371-watt discharge lamp is installed.
EUROLITE LED TMH-46 Frontansicht
Also in terms of equipment, this all-around moving head has been designed with the utmost care. For example, 3 gobo wheels have been installed. The first gobo wheel offers 11 static gobos, the second 7 rotating gobos, and the third 4 static gobos and an area that enables animations. The latter creates movement in the projection, which alone, but also in combination with the other gobos, provides for eye-catching effects. For example, in combination with the textured glass rotating gobo and a prism, a sensational water effect can be generated. But also a kind of fire effect and many other moving images can be realized. The TMH BSW-380 has 2 rotating prisms. The first prism splits the image into 8 images, the second into 16. In addition, the moving head offers a motorized zoom that ranges from 4° to 35°.
EUROLITE LED TMH-46 Anschlüsse
In beam mode, it achieves a hard, concentrated beam with a deliberate hotspot. For further shaping of the light beam, the static gobo wheel is available, for dynamics one can use the rotating prisms. As soon as the second or third gobo wheel is used, the spotlight automatically switches to spot mode. In this mode, the images are then absolutely even and clean, ideal for projections. All three gobo wheels can be combined here. The motorized focus ensures the necessary sharpness in all areas.
With the frost filter, the BSW-380 becomes a wash light. Even in this mode, the light output remains surprisingly bright. Even with the frost filter, the image can be resized via the zoom function and colored via the color wheel. A total of 13 colors are available, all of which can be set in intermediate positions.

Beam/spot/wash moving-head with 371W discharge lamp, color wheel, gobo wheels, prisms, frost, focus and zoom

  • Beam effect; spot effect; Wash effect
  • Light source: Osram Sirius HRI 371W discharge lamp
  • Lamp installed and adjusted ex factory
  • Additional frost filter provides a wide, soft and homogeneous light
  • Positioning within 540° PAN and 230° TILT
  • Auto position correction (feedback)
  • Exact 16 bit resolution at zoom, focus
  • Exact positioning (16 bit resolution)
  • Prism 16-fold; Prism 8-fold rotating; Prism 16-fold rotating; gobo wheel with static gobos; gobo wheel with rotating gobos; Focus motor-driven; Zoom motor-driven; frost filter; Dimmer
  • Color wheel with 13 dichroic filters plus open
    Rainbow effect with adjustable speed in both directions
  • Gobo wheel with rotating gobos, 7 gobos and open
    shake effect
  • Slot-in gobo system for easy gobo replacement
  • Gobos changeable
  • Gobo wheel with static gobos, 11 gobos and open
    shake effect
  • Gobo wheel with static gobos, 5 gobos and open
    shake effect
  • Integrated show programs
  • The device is cooled by cooling fan
  • Control via stand-alone; DMX; Sound to light via Microphone; Master/slave function; QuickDMX via USB (optional); W-DMX by wireless solution via USB (optional); CRMX by LumenRadio via USB (optional)
  • With a beam angle of 4° – 35°
  • Multicolor LCD display,
    with battery buffering for easy controlling
  • Mains input and output for power linking up to 4 units
  • Color animations; patterns
  • Preprogrammed in Light Captain

Package contents

  • 1 x moving light, 1 x user manual, 1 x power cord, 2 x omega bracket
Weight 25,3 kg


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