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EUROLITE N-110 Fog Machine

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EUROLITE N-110 Fog Machine

1250 watt fogger with remote control
Light needs fog to show its true colors, whether on big or on small stages. The Eurolite N-110 is the perfect companion for smaller stages. With a smoke output of about 5 meters and an output volume of 120 m³/min the N-110 is predestined for the small performances. It is controlled via a remote. The device weighs not more than 5 kg and can be placed on the ground or, due to the bar, mounted at a trussing or the like.

1250 watt fogger with remote control

  • Compact fog machine with high output volume
  • Ideal for accentuating light and laser beams
  • Short warm-up time
  • Output distance: Approx. 5 m
  • Control via wired remote control
  • With Mounting bracket
  • Available in various colors
  • Removable tank
  • Operates on water-based fluid

Package contents

  • 1 x device, 1 x user manual, 1 x filter, 1 x mounting bracket, 2 x knurled screw, 2 x washer, 1 x container
Weight 4,75 kg


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