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EUROLITE LED Mini FE-4 Hybrid Laser Flower

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EUROLITE LED Mini FE-4 Hybrid Laser Flower

Party light effect with laser (cl 2M), mirror ball, strobe and wash effects
With this party light by Eurolite you can illuminate small and medium-sized rooms in three different colors plus white - and cover the room in fancy wash and strobe effects. A rotating mirror ball with four LEDs swirls brilliant RGBW colors through the room while an extra 32 LEDs make for strobe effects, chases and more. Tiny light dots from two laser diodes make a great contrast to this sea of colors. For control you can either rely on the four preset programs or you use the supplied IR remote control to make adjustments. The Eurolite Hybrid Laserflower is equipped with a microphone adjusting the effects to the rhythm of the music if you choose the sound-controlled mode - without any further adjustments on your part. All necessary plugs and cords are included and the mounting bracket allows for installation at any location you choose. The Mini FE-4 is an all-rounder for every occasion, be it slow wedding dances or a lavish party.

Party light effect with laser (cl 2M), mirror ball, strobe and wash effects

  • 2 laser diodes project hundreds of red and green laser beams
  • 32 powerful LEDs 0,2 W SMD R/G/B
  • 4 powerful LEDs 3 W high-power R/G/B/W
  • Multi beam effect; flower effect; Strobe effect; laser
  • Laser class 2M
    does not require additional protective measures or appointment of a laser safety officer
  • 4 integrated show programs
  • The device is cooled by cooling fan
  • Control via stand-alone; IR remote control; Sound to light via Microphone
  • With Mounting bracket
  • For application areas such as: Party room

Package contents

  • 1 x remote control, 1 x user manual, 1 x external mains adapter, 1 x light effect, 1 x battery
Weight 2,1 kg


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