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EUROLITE DMX Commander 512

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New lighting control options for Theaters
The DMX Commander 512 enables the control of up to 16 fixtures with up to 32 DMX channels each. A fixture can be a moving head, for example, or it can be 32 individual spotlights, each with a dimmer, or eight spotlights with RGBW color mixing. A theater with 48 classic spotlights, 16 RGBW spotlights and four moving heads can be easily controlled with only half of the console occupied.
Moving-heads and other modern spotlights offer numerous functions that cannot be controlled via dimmer channels. The DMX Commander 512, therefore, separates dimmer and function channels. This allows the brightness of a scene to be reduced without changing the function channels. In addition, all function channels can be set to the correct setting before the brightness is increased.
A total of 57 memory locations are available for programming, 54 of which can be called up on nine faders via six pages. Three memory locations with page-independent faders can be called up at any time and are suitable for frequently used settings such as audience lighting, front lighting, or a hazer. Each memory location can contain a single mood or an entire sequence of a piece. The sequence can be run manually using the “Go”-button or automatically, whereby the speed can be saved, set using a speed controller, clocked using the Tap button, or music-controlled. This sequence control can be set individually for each memory location, including the fade time.
A clear overview is essential for a console with so many faders. The spotlights can be created and patched as fixtures in order to sort the channels clearly. In addition, all functions can be labeled and displayed using the buttons above the operating faders. The various memories can also be named. The DMX Commander 512 is supplied with neutral white fader caps, but also includes eight caps in seven other colors to create your own color scheme for the faders of the manual input and the memories.
The DMX Commander 512 is designed for installation in a 19“ rack. Connections for 3-pin or 5-pin DMX signals and a 6.3 mm jack connection for the audio signal are located on the rear. The power connection is via P-Con plug. There are two USB ports on the surface, one for the supplied USB stick and one as a power source, for example, for a console light.

Modern theater lighting console for 512 DMX channels, separate dimmer faders for scenes & chases

  • Designed for moving lights, lighting effects, LED spot lights and dimmers
  • 57 scenes/chases 767 cues distributed over 9 page(s )
  • Master dimming, fade time and run time easily adjustable
  • Different colored fader caps for customized designs included
  • Good visual control of scenes and chasers through intelligent status LEDs
  • Manual, time-controlled or sound-controlled chase running mode
  • Several chases and scenes can be run simultaneously
  • Sound control via audio signal or TAP button
  • USB port for storing program data
  • Desktop console housing
  • (19″) 48.3 cm rack installation 6 U
  • Control via DMX; Sound to light via Microphone; Sound to light via 6.3 mm jack socket (stereo) mounting version
  • LCD display
  • For application areas such as: Clubs/dancing school; Wedding/gala/events; Trade fair and shop fitting; Stage; theater; restaurants, bars and hotels; Rental
  • Firmware can be updated

Package contents

  • 1 x device, 1 x user manual, 1 x power cord, 1 x color caps, 1 x uSB stick
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