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EUROLITE EASY Show cover image


Eurolite EASY SHOW

DMX Recorder and small controller in one device
A small lighting control system that can play pre-programmed colors and shows, but also works as a DMX recorder - that's EASY SHOW by Eurolite. This makes the handy device interesting for two applications:
EUROLITE EASY Show front-view
Beginners and users who want to play light shows with as little effort as possible and without extensive training will benefit from the pre-programmed shows of the EASY SHOW: The device comes with a USB stick on which 12 colors and 24 shows are already fully pre-programmed. Over 120 different lighting effects and spotlights from Eurolite are compatible, including 19 KLS systems, 13 moving heads and over 70 spots. The shows can run to the beat of the music or at a manually adjustable speed. The desired brightness can be set, there is a stroboscope mode and fades are also possible. Only the start address and the DMX mode have to be entered.
On the other hand, rental companies also profit from the compact DMX recorder - because of course the device can also be used for their own programs and shows. This is perfect wherever an experienced lighting technician creates individual programs and shows on another controller and then records them on the EASY Show. Calling up the programs is perfectly intuitive and can be explained to every customer within a few seconds. EASY SHOW is a complete DMX recorder with 36 program slots, on which shows can be stored either with a time sequence or as a step-by-step variant. In the menu you can also define for the whole DMX universe which of the DMX channels should react to the dim functions and which not. This variant is particularly interesting for installations in the catering sector, where programmed shows can then be called up by the staff.
EASY SHOW is equipped with 2 USB sockets in addition to the usual connections for DMX and the power supply unit. The USB stick for the stored shows is plugged into one of the sockets. The shows are always stored on a USB stick, i.e. not stored internally in the controller. This way you can easily create different setups or make a backup copy from the drawer. The other USB socket is reserved for the wireless QuickDMX system from Eurolite. With a USB transceiver, you can also quickly convert the console for operation with wireless DMX.
EUROLITE EASY Show connections

Programmed DMX controller for over 200 spotlights from EUROLITE

  • Easy-to-use DMX controller and DMX recorder
  • Designed for DMX beginners with 200 programmed fixtures
  • DMX recording function for your own projects, ideal for installations or rental companies
  • Ideal for colored LED spotlights, KLS systems, moving lights and lighting effects
  • No programming required, simply connect your spotlights and get started
  • All spotlights can be freely combined to a show
  • Data storage on USB flash drives
  • A list of all preset devices is available at www.steinigke.de
  • Program speed adjustable; color fade adjustable; Dimmer
  • Strobe effect
  • 24 integrated show programs
  • Direct color selection for 12 preset colors
  • Control via DMX; Sound to light via Microphone; QuickDMX via USB (optional)
  • Desktop console housing
  • Monochrome LCD display

Package contents

  • 1 x controller, 1 x user manual, 1 x external mains adapter, 2 x uSB cable, 2 x mounting bracket, 4 x screw
Weight 1,64 kg


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